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Kasraeian Urology - Practice Overview

Kasraeian Urology can help you with your urology needs.


Dr. Ali Kasraeian: My name's Ali Kasraeian. I'm a urologist here in Jacksonville, FL, and I'm very blessed to work with my dad, Ahmad Kasraeian, here at Kasraeian Urology.

Dr. Ahmad Kasraeian: I'm Ahmad Kasraeian, and I'm a part of Kasraeian Urology. I'm a general urologist. I've seen everything in urology for the last 43 years.

Dr. Ali Kasraeian: I, myself, specialize in more minimally invasive techniques and urological malignancies, such as prostate cancer, kidney cancer, and bladder cancer, more specifically, as well as some innovative, minimally invasive techniques for BPH (benign prosthetic hyperplasia), which affects men. The way we look at managing men and women who are dealing with urological issues is to have a plan to understand the disease and what's going on and be able to educate our patients in terms of our findings with regards to whatever is bothering them. And try to come up with a team approach of finding that information. And then, when we have the information, the why of what's going on, to try to educate our patients so that we come up with an approach that best suits their goals for managing their disease and come up with very, very successful therapeutic options.

We're very proud to be a family practice, very proud to work with my father, which is one of the greatest things that I get to do every day. And being able to operate with him is wonderful. That excitement we hope to share with our patients that our entire team has a family feel to it so we can offer that to our patients, all the while offering them the most cutting-edge management options and treatments available in urology at this time.

Dr. Ahmad Kasraeian: Really, for all my years of practice medicine, usually, I treat my patient like my family. If it's not good for my family, it's not good for my patient. I love everything about my job. I love my patient and reap the reward of treating my patient. Nobody can pay me enough to see a sick patient get well and walking out of your office. This is the beauty of medicine. There is no other profession. You have such a rewarding job.