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Meet Dr. Kasraeian - Kasraeian Urology

Dr. Kasraeian talks about his practice, Kasraeian Urology, and why he decided to help others with urology needs.


Dr. Ali Kasraei...: I'm Ali Kasraeian. I'm a urologist here in Jacksonville, Florida. And I'm fortunate to work with my dad here at Kasraeian Urology. One of the things about medicine and surgery and urology even is that every day is a school day. You're always learning, and technologies are always moving, and science is always moving. The amount of information in medicine that is changing over a few days to a week's time nowadays is much different than it had been decades ago, centuries ago.

Urologists were some of the first in the world to embrace robotic surgery, the da Vinci technology, for management of urologic disease. And a lot of our treatments now, endoscopic, laparoscopic, and now robotic technology, have become the first line in the standard of care for managing a lot of our malignancies, our reconstructive surgeries, and most of what we do. The mix of surgery and clinic allows you to get to know your patients, which for me, was very, very important. Being that one of my fields that I'm very proud to spend a lot of time in is prostate cancer, and the relationship with your patients is not only very important in the process from screening to diagnosis to going through the prostate biopsy, but when actually the disease is diagnosed, there's so many options to discuss. That relationship and the personality of your patients and our goals for therapy is a big guiding light and a force for us to use to help guide our patients to the treatments that they want.

I love what I do. I've been very, very fortunate to have a specialty that allows me to take care of patients and form relationships with patients. I get to work with my dad every day, which is fantastic. And it's a specialty like I always mention to students who are interested in surgical specialties, urology is great because we're pushing the envelope in technology all the time. And to be able to be in the rooms where those conversations are had and be able to push the envelope and then bring it here to Jacksonville, Florida, has been very, very exciting. And it's all data-driven. We do things safely. We do things with the most cutting-edge technologies in a way that can bring the best treatments to our patients here in Jacksonville, Florida.