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Everything You Should Know About Aquablation® Therapy

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As men age, their prostate naturally enlarges, but when this condition causes urinary issues or sexual dysfunction it is diagnosed as benign prostatic hyperplasia, most commonly referred to as BPH. This non-cancerous condition is common, especially in older men, and there are a variety of treatments to relieve or address this issue.

Aquablation® Therapy

One of the newest treatment options for men with BPH is Aquablation® Therapy, which offers symptom relief with fewer side effects than traditional treatment options. This minimally invasive approach combines real-time imaging, robotics, and heat-free waterjet ablation to precisely and efficiently remove the prostate tissue enlargement. Traditionally, surgery or lasers are used to remove some of the prostate tissue, but this use of heat brings inherent risks, including erectile dysfunction. Aquablation® Therapy uses room temperature water, not heat, to remove the excess tissue and provide symptom relief.

The Aquablation® Therapy Experience

This procedure is performed in an operating room with the patient receiving either spinal or general anesthesia. Using multi-dimensional imaging, a physician establishes a precise treatment plan based on the unique anatomy of the patient.

Next, the AQUABEAM System robot executes the physician-developed treatment plan, removing excess prostate tissue with a heat-free water jet. The procedure takes less than an hour to perform and usually requires an overnight hospital stay. The patient returns home with a urinary catheter that remains in place for only a few days. Additionally, there may be a slight burning during urination as well as rectal soreness that can be managed with mild pain medication.

Benefits of Aquablation® Therapy

This BPH treatment option provides many benefits over traditional procedures.

  • The robotic execution of the treatment plan is precise and quick, meaning that there is few risks of too much or too little tissue being removed.
  • The lack of heat means that there is a significantly reduced risk of nerve damage that can lead to erectile dysfunction and other long-term side effects.
  • Most side effects are mild and short-lived, meaning that you can be back to your normal lifestyle quickly and without limitations.

Overall, Aquablation® Therapy produces the best results with fewer side effects than standard BPH treatment options.

Aquablation® Therapy is one of the many BPH treatment options offered at Kasraeian Urology and is one of the most effective. Schedule an appointment to speak with our physicians to learn more about this treatment option and discuss if it is the right solution for you.

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