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Multiparametric MRI Procedure & Process

Kasraeian Urology offers the Multiparametric MRI procedure.


Hi, I'm Ali Kasraeian. I'm a urologist here in Jacksonville, Florida, and I'm fortunate to work with my dad here at Kasraeian Urology. The diagnosis of prostate cancer and the advanced diagnosis of prostate cancer as it's matured has included now the multiparametric MRI scan, or sometimes what's called a biparametric MRI where you don't use contrast if need be. The MRI scan, when it's done, looks within the prostate to see if there are any areas of interest. If there is, it gives it what's called PIRADS score, which is a scoring system to assess aggressivity and the possible risk of prostate cancer that, if found, warrants treatment. So a question comes up is, who may be a candidate for an MRI scan, and then in turn an MRI fusion biopsy?

So one, nowadays the guidelines do recommend and should cover an MRI scan for any man who's got an elevated PSA that's concerned about the risk of prostate cancer. This is a quick outpatient procedure most often done in our clinic. And we actually are very proud to use nitrous oxide when appropriate to make people more comfortable. So a successful fusion biopsy, in my opinion, is one that allows us to be more accurate and more precise in how the biopsy is done, and also allow us more confidence in both a negative result, but also more confidence in the truth of our positive result. So we are actually capturing the disease that is the most impactful disease and the possibility of one needing cure and the type of treatment based on a more accurate biopsy result.