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TulsaPro Procedure & Process

Kasraeian Urology uses Tulsa-Pro for their treatments.


Hi, I'm Ali Kasraeian. I'm a urologist here in Jacksonville, Florida, and I work with my dad at Kasraeian Urology.

TULSA-PRO is a very innovative and very exciting technology to treat men with a disease within their prostate, specifically prostate cancer. It employs high-intensity focused ultrasound, which is ultrasound energy, kind of like taking a magnifying glass and burning a leaf. TULSA-PRO is, one, MR-guided, so you're doing this with an MRI scan guiding the therapy, and you're treating from inside out, so you're treating from the urethra outwards, so it offers a very precise and accurate way of treating either the whole prostate or the portion that has disease as a focal therapy. It is appropriate for men who have prostate cancer, obviously, confined to the prostate. It is optimal for men with intermediate risk disease, but that doesn't say that you can't use it for other prostate cancers.

TULSA-PRO is an outpatient procedure that's done within an MRI scan. The recovery time involves, one, recovery from the procedure. Again, an outpatient procedure. You will have a catheter in for a period of seven to 10 days, possibly longer depending on your individual situation and the size of your prostate. Most people do well with recovery. Most people do well with recovery with regards to the follow-up. Basically, just like with other therapies, we check a PSA probably about three months or so, and then we use MRI guidance to help us if you had a focal therapy to make sure that the lesion that was treated, it continues to look good on the MRI scan.