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Could Painful Urination Be A Sign Of Something Other Than A UTI?

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Also known as dysuria, painful urination can occur for a wide variety of reasons and can be mild, severe, chronic, or acute. In some scenarios, uncomfortable voiding may be nothing to worry about, while other cases of dysuria can point to a more serious problem that requires professional evaluation and treatment. Without a doubt, one of the most common causes of pain with urination is a urinary traction infection (UTI). At Kasraeian Urology, top Jacksonville, FL board-certified urologists Drs. Ahmad and Ali Kasraeian are highly knowledgeable in the complex nature of dysuria and its long list of potential causes, including UTIs. In this blog, you’ll find helpful information on what may be causing your pain with urination and when to consider scheduling an appointment with your urologist or seek more emergent care for dysuria.

It hurts when I pee! Do I have a UTI?

If you have developed the sudden onset of dysuria, you could potentially have a urinary tract infection. However, not all UTIs cause painful urination. What’s more, there are a number of additional conditions and ailments that may be responsible for your uncomfortable voiding symptoms. Generally speaking, painful voiding accompanied by one or more of the following symptoms may be indicative of a urinary tract infection:

  • Burning with urination
  • Foul-smelling urine
  • Cloudy urine
  • Fever
  • Frequent urination
  • Urgent need to urinate
  • Hematuria

To determine if your dysuria is related to a UTI, Dr. Kasraeian may perform a urinalysis, a traditional urine culture, and/or a more advanced PCR urine test.

What causes painful urination other than a UTI?

There are many other urological conditions that may be responsible for your dysuria, some of which require prompt medical attention. Potential causes of painful urination include:

  • Upper or lower UTI
  • Kidney stone
  • BPH
  • Prostate cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Yeast
  • Sexual activity/STD
  • Prostatitis
  • Vaginitis
  • Inflammation or irritation of the bladder

When should I go to the doctor for painful urination?

If you are experiencing recurrent pain or burning with urination that does not resolve quickly on its own, it is important to seek evaluation to determine what may be causing your symptoms. Should you have a urinary tract infection, prompt treatment can provide rapid relief and prevent more serious complications. If your urine culture or PCR urine test comes back negative, Dr. Kasraeian will continue his evaluation to determine any other potential causes for your symptoms, including BPH and kidney stones, and recommend the most appropriate course of action based on those findings. Patients with severe pain, protracted nausea or vomiting, excessive blood in the urine, high fever, or other extreme symptoms should visit their nearest ER or urgent care.

How can I prevent future UTIs?

If you have already had one or more UTIs, you may be anxious to lower your risk factors for subsequent infections. To reduce your risk of developing UTIs, try the following:

  • Drink at least three liters of fluids (mostly water) each day
  • Drink cranberry juice regularly
  • Empty your bladder after sexual activity
  • Practice good hygiene
  • Wipe properly after bowel movements (front to back)
  • Empty your bladder frequently
  • Use unscented, gentle feminine products

Many of these risk-reduction behaviors apply more specifically to women, as women are at a naturally higher risk for developing UTIs due to their anatomy.

When in doubt, see a urologist for painful urination in Jacksonville, FL

If you suspect that you have a UTI, try not to worry. Fortunately, most UTIs can be cleared fairly quickly and easily. However, some cases of painful urination may be caused by a more serious condition. For this reason, patients with sudden, ongoing, or severe dysuria should always be evaluated by a medical professional. To learn more about what may be causing your pain with urination, call Kasraeian Urology in Jacksonville, FL to schedule your one-on-one consultation with either of our nationally recognized board-certified urologists, Dr. Ahmad Kasraeian or Dr. Ali Kasraeian, today.

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