What Are The Chances That I Will Have Side Effects After Aquablation For BPH?

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If you have been avoiding BPH surgery because you are unwilling to sacrifice your sexual function or urinary continence, you are not alone. Believe it or not, an estimated 83% of men with BPH delay or defer surgical intervention because they do not want to risk how it may impact their sexual function. At Kasraeian Urology in Jacksonville, FL, board-certified urologists Drs. Ahmad and Ali Kasraeian understand the importance of balancing normal functionalities with BPH symptom relief and are proud to be among the first and only practices in the area to offer Aquablation therapy. Read on to find out more about why Aquablation may be the solution you’ve been looking for to improve your BPH symptoms without sacrificing your urinary or sexual function.

How does Aquablation treat BPH?

Aquablation is a revolutionary treatment that combines water, precision, and imaging to safely and effectively resect prostatic tissue without compromising the patient’s sexual function and/or continence. During Aquablation in Jacksonville, FL, which is performed using general anesthesia and takes about one hour to complete, Dr. Kasraeian will insert a cystoscope (camera) through the urethra. This, along with ultrasound imaging, allows Dr. Kasraeian to create a map of the prostate. Using this map, Dr. Kasraeian can resect the appropriate tissue while avoiding resection in areas that may lead to incontinence or sexual dysfunction. Finally, a robotic system follows the map’s guidelines to precisely ablate the tissue with a heat-free water stream, further reducing the possibility of side effects and/or surgical error.

How long is recovery after Aquablation?

Most patients will require a one-night stay in the hospital or surgical facility after Aquablation, during which time they will be fitted with a catheter. Patients are typically able to return home the next day without a catheter, though they may experience burning on urination for up to 1 – 2 weeks. The majority of men are fully recovered and can resume all of their normal daily activities about 3 – 4 weeks after Aquablation.

Will I have any side effects after Aquablation?

Almost immediately following Aquablation therapy, patients may expect:

  • Burning on urination
  • Urgency
  • UTI
  • Discomfort

These Aquablation side effects are typically mild and resolve within 1 – 2 weeks. Most notably, Aquablation almost never leads to long-term sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence, and other conditions associated with many traditional BPH treatments.

What is the risk of ED after Aquablation?

In some studies, 0% of patients experienced any impact at all on their sexual function following Aquablation. The rate of erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory dysfunction, and other sexual side effects after Aquablation is exceedingly low, thanks to the robotic precision, heat-free water jet, and imaging-supported treatment map. For patients who have previously denied BPH treatment for fear of compromising their sexual function, Aquablation therapy may be a fantastic and long-lasting solution.

Preserve your sexual health and get relief from your BPH symptoms with Aquablation therapy in Jacksonville, FL

At Kasraeian Urology, we understand that sexual function plays a major role in a man’s confidence, happiness, and overall quality of life. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between getting relief from your BPH symptoms and sacrificing your sexual function, which is why we proudly offer Aquablation therapy. To learn more about the exciting benefits of Aquablation for BPH, call our friendly team today to schedule your private consultation with either of our board-certified urologists, Dr. Ahmad Kasraeian or Dr. Ali Kasraeian.

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